About Beyond Profit

Galt Strategies is a Beyond Profit company. We choose to take part of our profits to serve people in need and fund projects that bless others. We believe that work is a calling, not just a necessity to live.

Have you wondered why people are frustrated with their jobs? It can be defined by two words: Culture & Purpose.

The culture of many companies do not prioritize a culture that is life giving and purpose driven and have the believe that there is no greater purpose for showing up to work other than to work to survive. Galt believes we should create, cultivate, and protect a culture of life and purpose. Those who work at a Beyond Profit company thrive because they believe in doing something great together! When our employees come to work and work well, they are changing people and places around the world! Galt partnered with a non-profit named Good Works NOW to facilitate all its projects in East Africa and beyond. Therefore, when seeing Good Works referred to in videos, it is the organization that the people in Africa trust because of its work there for the past 12 years.

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