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Unlike most business consulting companies, we work off a percentage of the profits we bring in as opposed to incurring hourly fees. At Galt Strategies, failure is simply not an option. Galt Strategies business consulting and marketing experts can turn your business around, driving you toward the long-term success that inspired you to get into business in the first place.

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The Galt Strategy

Our smallest return yet is 100%, our largest is 1009%, & our average hyper growth project is 300-400% growth. This is really a win-win situation for the business owner. In most cases, we only work off the profit margin, so the only risk you really have is the risk of passing up this highly effective system.

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How Our Hyper Growth Strategies and Business Consulting Drive Your Success

Our business consulting strategy is innovative and effective. The entire Galt Strategies team partners with your company to examine the business systems and workflow processes that are currently in place. This in-depth analysis allows us to determine what is holding the company back from profitability and what type of repositioning is needed. From there, we develop and implement new systems and processes to drive further success.

Meanwhile, as maximum profitability is being achieved, Galt’s marketing team simultaneously builds the company’s online presence for complete industry domination. The result is a business made over for long-term success, with refreshed, re-strategize systems, a robust marketing plan, and a sustainable growth process.

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