Preparing a company for the next chapter is a unique challenge all business owners must face at some point. From overcoming specific roadblocks that may exist to creating an exit strategy for yourself when you are ready for retirement, the key is being able to take a step back from the everyday operations and focus instead on the big picture. The problem is, a small business owner’s everyday duties are all-encompassing. How can you provide the level of attention needed to plan for the success of the future when you need to be fully immersed in the success of the moment?

At Galt Strategies, we take the pressure off your plate, drawing on years of experience to help you shore up your business success, providing a range of consulting services to drive your mission forward..

We accomplish this goal by taking a highly personalized approach to your unique opportunities and challenges. Not only does this focused attention make us more effective at driving your company’s success, but it also means we can stand by what may seem like a truly bold guarantee: 100 percent growth for your business. We only succeed when you do, so you can count on us to deliver real, sustainable results.

To provide clients with a full menu of services to choose from, we are pleased to specialize in a range of consulting strategy areas, including turnarounds, coaching, strategic planning, business plan development, market research and analysis, financial counseling, and exit planning. Here are the key pieces of our service expertise:

  • Turnaround Consulting: Of course, there are a variety of factors that can cause a company to struggle. The solution is to identify and analyze these factors closely, then to develop an effective plan that will stabilize and improve your financial picture. That begins with stabilizing your cash flow and scrutinizing expenses for optimal management, proceeds through maximizing productivity and renegotiating debts, and ends with increased profit margins and a company that is better positioned for the current and future economy.
  • Business Coaching: Sometimes an outside perspective is the best way to identify the ways you can improve your company. Your Galt business mentor will help you identify and overcome roadblocks that are currently hindering your success, focusing on new ways to reach your goals. The end goal is two-fold: to give you greater control over your business, and empower you to actually enjoy the experience of running a business again.
  • Strategic Planning Consulting: Many business owners owe much of their success to a sound strategic plan. Whether your business took off so fast you never found time to make one, or you simply need a new one better equipped to thrive in today’s financial climate, we will work closely with you to identify strategies that overcome challenges and optimize your strengths to develop new ways to achieve your financial goals for both the short and long term.
  • Business Plan Consulting: We offer comprehensive business planning, strategy, and execution services for business startups as well as businesses ready for a fresh new plan. This can include everything from market research and analysis to operations and process improvement.
  • Market Research and Analysis: A deep and thorough understanding of market trends is critical for developing tactics to thrive in today’s unique economic climate. Our market specialists will provide in-depth market research and analysis specific to your industry, location, customer demographic, and competition.
  • Financial Consulting: From capital formation strategy to pro-forma financials, we work with clients to develop realistic projections, better analyze risk, and create a stronger overall approach to money management.
  • Exit Strategy Consulting: For the owner who dreams of retiring, but cannot fathom how to leave the company without devastating its success, we provide strategic exit counsel. Implementing the strategies we develop allows business owners the opportunity to develop plans for the company as it grows—while they retire in style.

Are you ready to move toward your big picture business goals? Contact business consulting firm Galt Strategies now to learn how our consultants can help your business grow--guaranteed.