Small Business Consultant Case Study: SEO Success With A-1 Locksmith

A-1 Locksmith came to Galt Strategies hoping to solve a problem. Though it was one of the premier locksmith services in Dallas, Texas, it could not attract the clicks it needed to succeed with new online customers. Our team developed a strategic campaign to make sure the client turned up top in related keyword searches. Shortly after enlisting our efforts, A-1 Locksmith won first prize in the search engine race: the coveted top spot in its top keyword search.

Smart SEO Strategy Drives Online Marketing Success

Search Engine Optimization is a tricky but critical part of the online marketing equation. A-1 Locksmith increased its client base dramatically by teaming up with Galt. The image below, which shows the recent results of a keyword search for “locksmith”, shows just how successful our campaign was.

Could your business profit from ranking higher in the search engines? Most definitely. Contact a Galt SEO strategist to discuss boosting your search engine performance now.