Do you have a brilliant business idea in the works, but could use some expert help in the business plan development department? Or maybe your established business could use a fresh approach. No matter what your unique business vision may be, Galt Strategies will give you the muscle to not only launch it successfully, but to also drive its long-term success with a tactical, built-to-suit business plan.

Our expert writers will craft your investor-grade business plan with the following components:

  • Compelling executive summaries: This one- or two-page introduction to your business idea should capture the reader’s attention from the start. The challenge here is to tell the story of your business or product in such a way that excites investors about your idea enough to continue reading the entire plan. In many cases, this introductory narrative is what makes or breaks an investment opportunity. Galt Strategies business plan writers can handily coax the best, most attractive aspects of your unique vision onto these pages.

  • Strategic plan development: The meat of the business plan is your opportunity to show real depth of knowledge of the market, an informed strategy, and clearly outlined goals. Our full service planning includes conducting thorough market research, optimizing your market position, and developing a detailed strategy to write a truly effective plan. For entrepreneurs who have more time to conduct their own market research, we also provide limited service options to help provide insight into that process as needed.

  • Persuasive pitch deck: Every winning business plan needs an equally winning elevator pitch. Investors will often request this short take on your business plan before they will even look at the full plan. The standalone pitch deck needs to be short and to the point, while conveying the knowledge and expertise you have. Writing concise, persuasive copy is critical to pitch deck success—and it is a Galt business writing specialty

The bottom line is that with Galt Strategies business plan writers and strategists, your business idea will get investor attention—and hold it.

Interested in learning more about how our persuasive writers can help launch your business on the path to success? Then contact a Galt business plans specialist now for more information.